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Astin Cole Holland BioTyson Astin, Paramedic/Coordinator

Tyson Astin is a state certified EMS instructor and Coordinator, and nationally registered Paramedic. He has been involved with EMS since 2009. He currently works as a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic for Sandy City.  Tyson also gained experience working as a Paramedic for South Davis Community Hospital and as part of Miller Motorsports medical team. Tyson has graduated from Salt Lake Community College with an Associate’s degree, and moved to Utah Valley University where he earned another Associates degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Services. He has been a part of the EMT-Utah team since 2013, teaching and coordinating classes in Salt Lake City and Orem. He currently lives in Eagle Mountain with his wife and 2 daughters. Tyson enjoys being outdoors, running, biking, golfing, and spending time with his family.


Whitmill.AaronAaron Whitmill, Paramedic/Coordinator

Aaron Whitmill is a paramedic and fire fighter and has is a state BEMS certified instructor and course coordinator. He absolutely loves his job!  He is currently working for Sandy Fire and is finishing up a degree from UVU in Emergency services management.  With only a few classes to go he is excited to be finishing it up. He has worked for EMT Utah for 2 years and enjoys working with students.  He enjoys teaching so many people from many different EMS backgrounds who have lofty goals for their future. In his free time he enjoys anything  outdoors and anything with my family including playing sports, going fishing and hiking, as well as running in half marathons.


Rob FrielRob Friel, Paramedic/Coordinator

Rob Friel has been a firefighter/paramedic for 7 years with Sandy City Fire Department. Prior to that he worked as an EMT Basic in Draper for 2 years. He loves anything that puts him outdoors, especially GEOCACHING because he can go treasure hunting no matter where he goes. He has been teaching at EMT Utah for about a year and is a highly regarded instructor and course coordinator. His passion for teaching and serving is evidenced by his strong commitment to his students.



Brandon HardmanBrandon Hardman, Paramedic/Coordinator

Brandon Hardman has been a Paramedic and Firefighter for Sandy City since 2001.  He worked for the University of Utah AirMed as a Flight Paramedic and served on their Education Committee for many years. While serving on the Education Committee he developed his love for students and teaching. He has taught numerous classes to Fire and EMS agencies throughout the state of Utah.  Brandon is currently an Instructor in the EMT Program as well as a CPR Instructor for the Utah Emergency Medical Training Council.  Brandon is an advocate for students and goes out of his way to make sure they understand the material and the importance of appropriate emergency care. He always wants to see his students succeed and is willing to help them out anyway he can.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family and training his dogs.


francoFranco Cerchiari, Flight Paramedic/Guest Lecturer

Franco Cerchiari was as a young teenager while observing a city league baseball game I watched a player take a line drive to the head, and for some inexplicable reason, running out to the field.  I can remember kneeling at his side watching in amazement responding EMS providers care to his injuries.  It was at that moment I knew my chosen career would somehow involve emergency medicine.  After a tour in the Coast Guard where for 7 years I was a member of drug interdiction/search and rescue small boat crews in Alaska and Northern California, I began my EMS career in earnest. In 1992 I became an EMT, then in 1998 graduated from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s Center for Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program.  Not content with that I then attended Weber State University’s Specialty Care/High Risk Transport program in 2003 and in 2011, while employed with American Fork Fire Department attended the Critical Care Paramedic program.  I have an unbridled passion for cardiology, and can’t seem to learn enough about the fascinating pump that is affected by everything we as providers do.

Over the years I have worked for ambulance services, fire departments, industrial sites and hospitals in Northern California, Nevada and here in Utah.  Today I work full time as a flight paramedic for American MedFlight, a fixed wing critical care air ambulance in Nevada, and as well as a SCUBA diver for the U.S. Water Rescue Dive Team. In my free time I am a musical journalist for the melodic metal/hard rock magazine Fireworks out of the U.K.  I also lift weights, am a student of Krav Maga, and am working toward obtaining my Master SCUBA diver certification.

There’s no truly no greater line of work than EMS, and here at EMT Utah you will be taught by some of the most experienced and dedicated EMS providers found anywhere.  It’s an honor to be able to associate with them.  I look forward to seeing you in class…..


John EbersoleJohn Ebersole, Advanced EMT/Coordinator

I’m John Ebersole. While in a career in Fire and Emergency Medical Services I have had the opportunity to work for a variety of agencies. My employment has included working as a River Ranger/EMT for both the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service. I have also worked as a Park Medic for the National Park Service and as an Assistant Fire Warden for the Utah Division of Forestry Fire and Lands.

I am a State Certified EMS Instructor and Medical Training Officer. I also am a Fire Service Instructor and an Instructor for the American Red Cross. My experience working with and instructing to a broad and diverse variety of individuals has been greatly enriching. I truly love what I do and I strive to give my students all the tools they will need to be successful in EMS.

I am a tomato gardening super freak. Over the past few years I have had cherry tomato plants that have reached a height of 8 feet and spread over 6 feet across.


 Lee, JoshJosh Lee, Paramedic/Instructor

I’m Josh Lee. I’m currently work full-time for the Orem Fire Department and have been employed with them for 6 years. I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree from UVU, my concentration of study is Emergency Management with an emphasis in Emergency Care. I enjoy cycling, running and spending time with my family when I have some spare time.


Johnson, EricEric Johnson, EMT/Instructor

I’m Eric Johnson. I have worked in EMS for 20 years as an EMT for Salt Lake County Fire and then Unified Fire Authority. I love exercising and being outdoors. I cycle to work year round regardless of the weather. I have loved my time in EMS and look forward to many more years serving the public in their time of need. I enjoy teaching and seeing the light go on in my students’ eyes.


Faculty – EMT Utah
Name Agency Faculty Role – Certifications
Aaron Hadley Davis County Health EMT/Instructor
Arik Campbell Pleasant Grove Fire Paramedic/Coordinator/Instructor
Britt Clark Pleasant Grove Fire Paramedic/Instructor/Training Officer
Bryant Widdison Sandy Fire Paramedic/Coordinator/Instructor
Chris Zaharias Bluffdale Fire AEMT/Coordinator/Instructor/Training Officer
J. Lee Bertoch UEMTC AEMT/Instructor
James Schwartz Sandy Fire AEMT/Coordinator/Instructor/Training Officer
Kenny Moeller Bluffdale Fire AEMT/Coordinator/Instructor/Training Officer
Paul Eddington Pleasant Grove Fire Paramedic/Coordinator/Instructor/Training Officer
Staff – EMT Utah Full/Part Time Status
Name Status Title/Role
Terri Holland Full-time President/Owner EMT Utah
Michael Ricks Full-time EMS Program Director, Remediation Specialist
Russell Eliason Full-time Finance Director, Program Financing
Karen Lang Full-time EMT Utah Volunteer Corps Co-Coordinator
Crystal Barraza Full-time Job Club Coordinator