Why Us?

why-choose-usSo what makes EMT Utah so special? Why do we train so many Utah EMS first responders? Because we are experts and have dedicated our time, effort and resources into creating one of the best non-university programs in Utah. EMT Utah provides a less expensive, fast paced and excellent program. We care about student success!

Why US?   Simple. Bigger ideas. Smaller costs and ….

  • We work with the VA and DWS to offer a discount on an EMT or AEMT program for veterans or spouses of veterans. If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible to receive a grant of $250 toward your tuition. Contact us for more information. We are proud to serve our veterans and their families.
  • Our course is fast paced – why waste months in school? Don’t worry – our high pass rates demonstrate we have the ability to get you through the course, certified and on your way to a new career before you know it!
  • We have more than 20 qualified professional instructors and nearly all of them work in the field including fire fighters, paramedics, and flight medics.
  • We handle everything onsite; TB tests, notary services, remediation, tutoring and CPR classes.
  • Job placement assistance is included and very helpful.
  • You enroll ONLINE and electronically – saving time and paper.
  • We use our own proprietary online classroom instead of the cookie cutter publishers content.
  • We are a school and don’t run our program out of a garage or a bank or credit union. .
  • We offer a full-time staff – a Finance Director can help you figure out the best way to pay for your program and our Program Director/Manager is here full-time to offer support.
  • Remediation and tutoring – all free.
  • We offer CME’s including ACLS, PALS, PHTLS and more.
  • Our EMT Utah Volunteer Corp is unlike anything you have ever seen – a chance to practice skills and gain patient contact hours by volunteering at Stand-by First Aid stations, participate in disaster drills – and rub shoulders with the best and brightest in health care and the world of EMS services.
  • Our Global Medic Assist program part of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps offers opportunities for A-EMT’s to travel to Nepal, Kenya, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Bolivia as a partner with CHOICE Humanitarian. It is an experience of a lifetime.
  • We have an Instructor Development Program that tracks you on your way to becoming an instructor and course coordinator for EMT Utah. For grads who want to work in the field and teach you learn leadership skills, management skills, teach and help with skills while working with our professional faculty members.
  • We are the largest private educator of EMS students in Utah – we are experts – we have fun, we work hard, and we are committed to YOUR success.

With so many services, classes, resources, with a proven track record and awesome professional instructors, in a classroom environment, with access to the Corps , the question is not why us. The question iswhy would you want to go ANYWHERE else?

Call or register online – we live and breathe EMS – and we can help you change your life!