New Studetn OrientationAll Students are REQUIRED to attend orientation. Orientation allows you to complete the registration process, pay your tuition, collect your books and assignments and to learn how to be successful in the course. Orientation is ALWAYS held on the first day of the program.

You cannot attend the program until you have completed orientation. This means if you MISS orientation you may be dismissed from the program. But, you will not be released from your obligation to pay your tuition in FULL! If you know you are going to miss orientation please call the school. We can make other arrangements. Sometimes if a few people missed orientation we will hold another one the next day – before the second day of class – this allows you to complete orientation and to stay in the program. There is a $25 re-orientation fee that must be paid before you attend the second orientation, if offered.

We hold a place for you and expect you to show up. No show no call means you are likely to pay nearly a thousand dollars ($1,000) for nothing. There is no refund and after the class begins there is no switching to another program.