AEMT Testing Process & Fees

nremtTesting Requirements:
Beginning January 1, 2015 all AEMT courses will be testing through the National Registry (NREMT). There are advantages to doing this as it will better validate the competency of the AEMTs graduating from our program at EMT Utah. The AEMT will have a certification recognized nationally and even internationally.

This program requires students to sit for the National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians examination.  We offer open Advanced EMT NREMT psychomotor testing and offer a discount of $25 to EMT Utah students. Students are NOT required to test with EMT Utah and are able to choose from several locations.

BEMS: Candidate ois required to pay a fee of $115 to BEMS. This fee is collected by the school  during the registration process and then remitted to BEMS on behlaf of the student. Once this fee is remitted to BEMS there are NO refunds unless the student can get a refund from BEMS.

NREMT: Candidate must pay $100 to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) to take the written test at a Pearson Vue site – to begin go to the NREMT website, where the student must create an account. This account should be created immediately and the fee paid no later than 30 days after class begins.

SCHOOL: The school charges a fee of $125 for EMT Utah A-EMT students to take their practical test at the school (this is a $25 discount for non-EMT Utah Stuents who test with us. This fee must be paid at the time of registration; however, if a student is NOT recommended for testing the entire fee will be refunded to the student. 

Fee Summary: BEMS $115 — School $125 (Paid at registration) —  NREMT $100 written exam

Current Utah Pearson Vue Sites:
• NREMT Southwest Applied Technology College Cedar City UT United States
• NREMT Pearson Professional Centers-Ogden UT Ogden UT United States
• NREMT Pearson Professional Centers-Draper (Salt Lake City) Draper UT United States
• NREMT Dixie College of Utah St George UT United States
• NREMT Pearson Professional Centers-Bountiful (SLC) UT Bountiful UT United States

Other sites will be added over time. More information is provided in class.