EMT Utah is proud to associate with other like-minded communities who serve the public. Our commitment to a strong and vital EMS learning environment is strengthened by our engagement with others.

nav_bar-EMS The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, a division of the State of Utah Department of Health is responsible for overseeing all instructors and course coordinators. With they guidance and oversight EMT Utah has been able to create and sustain one of the largest and most successful EMS schools in Utah. You are safe to assume that all our course content and skills training is fully vetted by BEMS. http://health.utah.gov/ems/.

uemtclogo-small The Utah Emergency Medical Training Council established in 1982 has taught more than one MILLION Utahns how to perform CPR. Classes, training, support and education provided by the UEMTC is invaluable for our community. EMT Utah is proud to recruit members of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps who provide thousands of community service hours to making Utah a safer place to live. Our partnership with the UEMTC is an example of our commitment to being responsible and engaged partners with our community.

National Association of EMS EducatorsEMT Utah is a member of the National Association of EMS Educators. This relationship fortifies our commitment to the Best Practices associated with educating First Responders. All of our faculty are Certified Instructors, and/or Course Coordinators and/or Training Officers and 95% of our faculty work in the EMS field, yet being a great fire fighter or a great paramedic does not necessarily mean you are a great teacher. For this reason, EMT Utah spends time – and effort and resources devoted to making sure our fighter fighters and paramedics and AEMT’s are also fantastic educators. This association assists us in this mission. http://www.naemse.org/.

npc-logo-footerThe National Preparedness Community supports community organizations in preparing for emergencies. Sponsored by FEMA, the website offers preparedness support for fires, hurricanes, tornados and floods. Community events calendars, resources, guides, toolkits and access to conversations with other emergency preparedness organizations makes this association vital to the work we do at EMT Utah. Find them on the web at:  https://community.fema.gov/?lang=en_US

Be Ready Utah is associated with the State of Utah. It provides valuable information for families, business, schools and communities about preparedness. Helpful tips are tweeted daily and the site is full of helpful resources, guides and information. EMT Utah and the Utah Emergency Medical Training Council are excited to work with these organizations and members to make Utah a safer place to live. For more information http://beready.utah.gov/beready/index.html