Tuition: $295

This package includes our custom 28.5-hour online CME course and a 16-hour, in-person CME class with an instructor prepared to dedicate the time to your needs. Up to 44.5 hours can be earned with this CME package. If all 50 hours to recertify are needed (21.5 must be non-distributive), consider taking another Certification Course in addition to this package.

Image result for jbl recertThe Online CME Course is 28.5 hours of online material, which have been hand-picked by EMT Utah to fulfill state and national CME requirements. The exclusive material is offered via the EMT textbook publishers, Jones & Bartlett learning; however, none of the material is repetitive information from what was learned in class. The topics include interactive lectures, articles, videos, and games that from the most current information in EMS news and education. With new topics added regularly, this online course offers education to keep you on the cutting edge of what’s new in EMS. The flexibility that comes with being offered online means that this course can be completed at your own pace at any time that works for you.
NOTE: The online material is still being built as of May 17th, 2019. Access to the course will be distributed via email by end of May, 2019. 

The CME/Refresher Class is instructor-led, personalized EMS education offered at our Salt Lake City campus. EMT Utah offers this class for students who need to complete up to 16 hours of non-distributive education* to complete recertification, or for those in need of hours towards a state-approved Refresher Course. If you are unsure of your license status or hours required, please contact the Bureau of EMS (BEMS) at 801-273-6666.

EMT Utah’s knowledgeable and experienced instructors can assist you in fulfilling your NCCCP targeted hours to complete the national components. If you do not need the full 16 hours, you may attend the class for as much or as little time as you need.

*Distributive Education is a method of delivering EMS education where the education and student are not able to interact in real time. Examples include online courses, journal article review, and videos. 

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