Advanced EMT Psychomotor Exam

.Remediation & Tutoring


$75.00 for the first two hours & $50.00 per additional hour.



Remediation: If you miss more that 8 hours of your class you are required to make up the missing hours, if you end up missing more than 16 hours of your course the state requires that you be dropped. When you register we will contact you to set up remediation for your missed topics, and schedule a time and date, you can make-up these hours by registering through the link below.

Tutoring: we offer hourly tutoring to assist students who may be needing additional clarification and help with course materials, concepts, skills make-up, and skills practice. When you register, we will contact you to set up tutoring for the topics or skills and schedule a time and date. You can register for tutoring through the link below.



Call to us at 801-512-2645 to register.