Advanced EMT Psychomotor Exam

EMT Utah – the experts in NREMT testing.

Testing for the NREMT EMT-Basic practical psychomotor exam has never been easier. Our expansive testing facility provides enough rooms to test as quickly as possible. We provide all the testing equipment, testers, and a medical director too.

EMT-Basic Testing Fee for non-EMT Utah Students: $275
EMT-Basic Testing Fee for EMT Utah Students: $75*

If you are currently completing an EMT course at EMT Utah, you will want to register for the exam that is designated for your class. Exam dates and times are scheduled based on class sizes, so the exam date for your class includes a slot for you. If you miss the exam for your class, there may not be extra space for you in other exams for a while after your class ends.

Students who did not attend EMT Utah can register for any exam date posted and must provide the school with their EMT course information. Please call 801-512-2645 after registration and before the test date.

RETESTING: Failed stations will require retesting, which can often be done on the same initial exam day if time permits. In the case that another testing date is needed, this will incur an additional fee. For students of EMT Utah, the fee for retesting 1-3 stations is $50. More than four stations failed requires a complete retake and the full testing fee of $75. Retest pricing for non-EMT Utah students is $150 for 1-2 stations, $200 for 3 stations, $275 for 4 or more stations, as 4 failed stations requires a full retake.

*Testing for the NREMT Practical Psychomotor Exam is $275, although students of EMT Utah receive a $200 discount and pay only $75 for this test. Discount is only for students who took/have taken an EMT course from EMT Utah. School administration will verify testing registrations against school records and additional payment will be required for anyone who wrongly paid for testing at the discounted rate.NREMTcircle

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