August 20, 2016: The Potter Run

Geek’d Out Events and The Rocky Mountain Muggles hosted their annual Potter Run on August 20th. Two EMTs volunteered at the race to keep the runners safe and healthy. Attendees came in their best Harry Potter attire and had their wands at the ready! Everyone had the chance to take pictures with their favorite characters, play some Quidditch, meet live owls and snakes, and play on the castle playground. There was also a costume contest and a very special “Angel Memorial ceremony” with a butterfly release. The event, which included a silent auction, benefited the Intermountain Healing Hearts charity. It was a fun way to support a great cause!

Thank you Shandra M., and Joshua T. for volunteering!

August 11-13, 2016: Annual Friendly Island Festival

The National Tongan American Society hosts the Friendly Island Festival every year to celebrate and share the Polynesian culture. The festival was three days of live entertainment, cultural performances, ukulele jam sessions, rugby games, volleyball tournaments, drums of the Islands and more. EMT Utah volunteers were treated to free meals from amazing island food vendors while working the standby station at the event.

Thank you Adam B. and Chelsea C. for volunteering!

August 4, 2016: Leonardo Flight Exhibit Opening

The Leonardo Museum held a special event to celebrate the opening of their newest exhibit: Flight. EMT volunteers were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the entire exhibit. They also had the incredible chance to meet several incredible VIPs including Utah Governor Gary Herbert and astronaut Jake Garn!

Thank you Shandra M., and Tanner J. for volunteering!

August 4-7, 2016: Utah Rocket Club Hellfire 21: EMTs worked a standby station at a weekend-long rocket launch event.

Volunteers had the exciting opportunity to staff a standby station at the 21st Annual Hellfire event put on by the Utah Rocket Club. The Utah Rocket Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion of safe and fun activities for people of all ages through the sport, science, and hobby of rocketry. Club members, enthusiasts, and spectators gather to take part in a number of launches, large and small, over the course of a four-day event.

Thank you Alden R., Dallan J., and Phillip W. for volunteering!

July 25, 2016: Omunity Moons Desert Wave Terraculture Festival: Volunteers attended a weekend-long festival in the desert.

Omunity Moons is a collective designed to inspire the community through dance, art, music, and the creation of self-sustaining spaces. Desert Wave is an organization that is working toward building Utah’s first sustainable Agri-City, which is an alternative civilization that is a more efficient model for living. It is an open-source public works project offering sustainable food and housing for any person that is willing to work. Omunity Moons teamed up with Desert Wave to host a weekend-long festival to kick off summer production on their Agri-City. There was tons of live music, local art, and games. The festival attendees camped at the Desert Wave city location. The event organizers requested a few EMTs to camp with them for the duration of the weekend festival. A huge sandstorm interrupted the festival late Saturday evening, but that didn’t stop our volunteer EMTs from reacting appropriately and keeping people safe. Some treatment of injuries was required, and the volunteers stepped up and did a fantastic job.

Thank you Chasen D., Alden R., Dallan J., and Joshua T. for volunteering!

July 25, 2016: Native American Celebration in the Park Powwow and Festival: Volunteers staffed a first aid station at this event in Liberty Park. 

The Native American Celebration in the Park Powwow and Festival is a Pioneer Day celebration of heritage and culture at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. The festival celebrated its 22nd year of highlighting Native American culture with indigenous traditions and culture, including artist performances, native food, unique crafts and art. This event had massive attendance and despite being a holiday, the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps was able to provide a few EMTs to be on hand at the festival.

Thank you Phillip W., Colin H., and Abraham R. for volunteering!

July 25, 2016: Temple to Temple 5k: Volunteer EMTs worked this race in downtown historic Provo City.

This was the 4th annual Temple to Temple run in Provo city. The Pioneer Day Temple to Temple 5K race begins at the Provo LDS temple and treks through the beautiful streets of Provo city, past the BYU campus, and to the new Provo City Center LDS temple. The unofficial attendance numbers, as estimated by Provo Police, was around 16,000 people! It’s a good thing the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps had several EMTs on hand. No major injuries were reported and everyone had a great time.

Thank you Adam B., Joshua W., Andrea U., and Cori K., for volunteering!

July 16, 2016: The Discrete Peak Race Series: Five EMT volunteers were standing by during the second race of the series at Alta Ski Resort.

The Discrete Peak Series returned to Alta Ski Area with a 7.2 mile/12k, course that includes 2,545 ft of climbing.  The event blossomed at the base of Albion Lodge, where the course tangled with an awesome loop. The summit featured Mt. Baldy, descended back down to Albion Grill with 312 heartfelt runners.  Vendor village hummed with music demo’s from Salomon, Goal Zero, Maverick and many more. Our five volunteers had a great time watching these incredible athletes while enjoying the great outdoors!

Thank you Adam B., Holly B., Matthew S., Shandra M., and Joshua T. for volunteering!

July 9, 2016: The Hobbler Half Marathon: EMT volunteers attended the 7th annual Half Marathon in Springville, Utah.

The Seventh Annual Hobbler Half Marathon and 5k is a mostly downhill half marathon course. It begins up the left fork of Hobble Creek Canyon in Utah and loops around Springville City to finish inside Arts Park. Great food, music and entertainment awaited runners at the end. The EMT Utah Volunteer Corps had two volunteer EMTs on hand to keep runners and spectators safe.

Thanks Adam B. and Judi L. for volunteering!

June 25, 2016: The Discrete Peak Race Series: Three EMT volunteers were standing by during the first race of the series at Deer Valley.

The Discrete Peak Race is a series of all-terrain foot races that take place at different ski resorts throughout the summer. The first race of the series was held at Deer Valley ski resort, where our volunteer EMTs set up a first-aid booth at a water station. The course is ten miles, winding up the ski slopes with gorgeous views of Jordanelle State Park, Deer Valley’s Silver Lake Village, and Bald Mountain. With only very mild injuries reported, all runners left the race tired but safe.

Thank you Chasen D., Colin H., and Jazmine M. for volunteering!

June 11, 2016: Charity Challenge for Habitat for Humanity: EMTs were on standby at an event for the Salt Lake Board of Realtors.


The Salt Lake Board of Realtors held a charity challenge event in order to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. The event featured a bounce house, a mechanical bull, a basketball court, and more. Although the activities were slightly on the risky side, everyone was had a safe and fun time. Our EMTs were standing by just in case.

Thank you Cailin L. and Jazmine M. for volunteering!

June 11, 2016: Utah Valley Marathon: Provided First Aid Stand-By Stations along the route of the Utah Valley Marathon.

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, our volunteers had a great time at the Utah Valley Marathon. The safety of athletes at races is the top priority of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps volunteers. They arrived very early in the morning, withstood the rain, and were able to offer assistance to a few runners with mild ailments.

Thank you Erica O., Judi L., Jess H., Dallan J., Alden R., Monica M., Lionel J., Jan R., and Adam B. for volunteering!

May 28th & 29th, 2016:  Throttle 215 Motocross Race: Our EMTs had an action-packed weekend at a standby station for a motocross race! 

Motocross racing can be incredibly dangerous, so we were glad to be able to provide trained, medical professionals standing by to aid anyone involved in a crash. There were a few incidents but no major injuries. Our volunteers jumped into action and handled the situations bravely and professionally. When they weren’t treating patients, they were having a blast watching the race!

Thank you Dallan J., Alden R., Adam B., Chelsea C., Cailin L., Jacob L., and Lionel J. for volunteering!

May 21st, 2016: The Salt Lake Valley Fire Alliance held an active shooter drill as a part of their education symposium. There were 15 volunteers who participated.

As part of a week-long continuing education symposium for firefighters and police officers, the Salt Lake Valley Fire Alliance held an active shooter drill to train emergency responders. Volunteers were treated with moulage so that the trainees could practice injury assessment and patient transportation. The use of a real gun loaded with blanks made for a realistic and exciting experience. The organizers of the event, along with the trainees, were very grateful for the help of the volunteers.

Thank you Kathrine P., Judi L., Kathy P., Christine F., Cecilia P., Collin L., Ace M., Daniel G., Amanda F., Austin L., Allie F., and Sam V., for participating!

May 14th, 2016: Equality Utah held a block party to celebrate the renaming of 900 South in Salt Lake to Harvey Milk Boulevard. Two EMTs volunteered for a standby first aid station. 

The EMTs had a blast at the Harvey Milk Boulevard Block Party. They were able to celebrate an important moment in Salt Lake City history with Equality Utah and many others. There were amazing speeches and appearances from Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, State Senator Jim Dabakis, gubernatorialagubernatorial as well as a moving performance from Tyler Glenn of the band Neon Trees.

Thank you Maggie O. and Kennedy R. for volunteering!

May 3rd, 2016: The US National Disaster Medical System held a patient reception drill. 35 volunteers signed up. 

Disaster Drills are always a fun way to help our EMS services and our community. The scenario for this drill was:

“On Friday, April 29th, 2016 an improvised nuclear device was detonated in the city of Chicago. The President has declared the area a Federal Disaster resulting in activation of the National Disaster Medical System as well as the Radiological Injury Treatment Network. The Federal Coordinating Center, Salt Lake City has been activated to receive patients on May 3rd, 2016 at the primary reception site located at the UTANG ramp of SLC International Airport.”

April 30th, 2016: Cross E Ranch held a Spring Baby Animal Days Festival. We provided two EMTs from 9am to 6pm.

Our volunteers had a great time at the Spring Baby Animal Days Festival held at Cross E Ranch. Not only were they on hand for any medical emergencies, they were also able to enjoy what the festival had to offer. Our EMTs had a chance to handle and play with baby bunnies, chicks, calves and more. There was also great country-style food, along with hay rides, and horse rides. It was a gorgeous day to be out on a ranch with baby animals!

Thank you to Chelsea C., Lionel J., Michele L., and Abraham R. for volunteering!

April 21st, 2016: The Great Utah ShakeOut was an event sponsored by IASIS and Mountain Star Hospitals. The event was from 8am to 3pm and we had 64 volunteers.

Disaster drills are important ways for communities, health care organizations and first responders to test their skills and abilities BEFORE an actual event happens. These events are generally open to the public and participation is always a fun and interesting. Volunteers provide invaluable information and education for emergency services in the community. The Great Utah ShakeOut was a way for schools, business, and many other organizations to practice their emergency protocols and preparedness for when the BIG ONE comes our way. Beyond that, hospitals practiced their patient intake and triage procedures. This is where the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps came in. Dozens of volunteers turned out to undergo moulage (fake injuries and trauma) and act as victims of an earthquake. Six different hospitals across the Salt Lake valley participated and received the volunteer mock disaster victims.  Check the Calendar of Events on our website for upcoming Disaster Drills. Volunteer; make Utah a safer place to live!

Thank you to all our volunteers for a very successful event.

April 16th, 2016: Salt Lake City Marathon: We provided First Aid Stand-By Stations along the route of the Salt Lake City Marathon. It was an early morning for our rugged volunteers!

Our volunteers had the privilege of watching thousands of athletes at the top of their game as they competed in the full marathon, half marathon, bike tour, 10k, and 5k. Volunteer EMTs were placed at five first aid stations along the marathon course. Fortunately, there were no major traumas or injuries, but our volunteers were ready and standing by to make sure the participants were safe and comfortable.

Thank you to Nicole S., Talmage N., Chrystian G., Justin D., Jacob L., Kasy M., Alden R., Adam B., Benjamin H., and Cailin L. for volunteering!

Dec. 30th – Jan. 1st: Provided mobile Stand-By First Aid Responders to EVE, the three day and night downtown New Year’s Celebration sponsored by the Downtown Alliance.

Salt Lake City dropped the ball on New Year’s Eve. The giant MirrorBall made its debut last year and was the centerpiece of the three-day Eve Winter Fest Celebration sponsored by the Downtown Alliance. EVE-goers were able to climb inside the ball for photos and see it spinning on its UFO-type base; at midnight on Dec. 31, it was lifted into place high above the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Place Convention Center’s south plaza. We started the year off with a bang by providing 6 EMS Volunteers to provide first aid and assistance to more than 40,000 attendees at Eve.