As the largest provider of EMT education in the state, we recognize our responsibility to maintain safety, while continuing to offer vital EMS education.

For safety purposes and to follow government guidelines, the administrative staff is working remotely and are available in-person by appointment only. Office staff are always available by phone or email and are happy to answer questions and assist you in any way they can.

BLS CPR Certifications are being offered in two ways:

  • Online with in-person skills pass off: students must register for a Skills Pass Off session after completing the online course with AHA.
  • In-person: students may sign up for a completely in-person BLS course with social-distancing, masks, and other safety precautions enforced.

EMT and AEMT courses are now being held in a modified hybrid format.

Lectures will be held online through Zoom with a live instructor who is teaching and can answer questions in real-time. Once the course has begun, the Course Coordinator will schedule in-person skills sessions in small groups with safety precautions that are in accordance with local government guidelines.

The Utah Bureau of EMS and NREMT have modified their requirements in order to more easily facilitate the certification of EMTs during the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about these modified requirements can be found on the websites for Utah BEMS and NREMT. Read more about our EMT classes and register here.

Please review the following list of questions and answers that address the current situation and what you can expect with our EMT and AEMT classes.

 Question: I registered and paid for an EMT Class. Will it still happen?

Answer: All EMT and AEMT classes are starting on time and being held in a modified hybrid format.  If you ordered supplies, these will be provided to you in safe manner by the time you need them.  You will receive an email before class starts with further instructions.

Question: I registered and paid for an EMT class but I have not received an email from my instructor yet. When will I get an email with information about my course?

Answer: Course Coordinators are sending out emails approximately one week before the class starts, provided you have signed up prior to that. If you signed up with only a few days to go before the class starts, expect to get an email the night before the class, at the latest. We are constantly updating our Course Coordinators on registrations and they periodically send out emails for those who have signed up.

Question: I bought a textbook and/or supplies. When and how can I pick these up?

Answer: In the welcome email for your class (sent about a week before class starts), your instructor will provide information on when the campus will be open for supply pick-up. If you cannot make it during the times provided by your instructor, please reach out to the office at (801) 512-2645 and make an appointment to pick up your supplies. Our office staff is working remotely, so please do not come to pick up supplies without first making an appointment.

Question: Can I still take the NREMT Cognitive exam after finishing the course?

Answer: Pearson VUE is offering the NREMT cognitive exam for EMT and AEMT in two formats. They have collaborated with NREMT to provide access to the cognitive exams remotely. This means that you are able to take the exam online from your home computer via an online proctoring system provided that your computer meets the system requirements. You are also able to take the exam in-person at a Pearson VUE Testing Center with an appointment. Please visit the NREMT COVID-19 page for more information on cognitive testing.

Question: Will I still take a Psychomotor Exam?

Answer: This answer depends on your certification level. Until further notice, EMT students are not required to take a traditional psychomotor exam to complete the EMT program. Instead, instructors will keep a portfolio of your skills as proof of competency. AEMT students are still required to take a psychomotor exam through a testing center. We are holding regular AEMT psychomotor exams and one will be scheduled specifically for the class you are enrolled in.

Question: My NREMT and/or BEMS account lists my certification/license as “provisional”. What does that mean?

Answer: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Utah BEMS and NREMT have decided to allow certain AEMT students to get provisional certifications/licenses provided they have completed a state-approved course, filled out all certification applications, paid their fees, and taken and passed their cognitive NREMT exam. Once a student completes and passes an AEMT psychomotor exam, the certification/license will transition from “provisional” to “active”. Some agencies are allowing AEMTs to work with their provisional license until they are able to schedule and take an in-person psychomotor exam. For more information, go to the NREMT COVID-19 page and scroll down to “FAQs about Provisional Certification” or visit Utah’s BEMS website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. Please follow state and federal guidelines for masks and social distancing and maintain excellent hand hygiene. We are proud to serve our community with vital education in this time of need. Stay safe.

Warm Regards,
EMT Utah Staff