Disaster drills are fundamental component of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps. These exercises are an important tool to improve local and national disaster response. Our volunteers understand the value of disaster drills and why it is important to have as much participation from the community as possible. Volunteers who engage in these exercises always have a good time and take away an important educational experience. Since most members of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps are involved in or just entering the EMS field, disaster drills provide great networking and socializing opportunities as well.

The EMT Utah Volunteer Corps also provides volunteers for standby first-aid stations, charity events, donation drives, and more. Through the opportunities the Corps provides, volunteers benefit by gaining patient contact experience, networking at events, and socializing with like-minded individuals. The Corps exists in partnership with the Utah Emergency Medical Training Council, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Although the volunteer recruitment service is provided for free, donations to the UEMTC are always appreciated in order to support the operations of the Volunteer Corps. These donations go toward Corps operations as well as funding humanitarian expeditions as part of EMT Utah’s Global Medic-Assist program. Browse through the side bar menu to learn more about the work of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps.