EMT Utah Volunteer Corps and the Utah Emergency Medical Training Council works Icy Hot 4hand-in-hand to assist first responders including the military, FEMA, hospitals, fire stations and others in preparing our community for tactical response to disasters. Using moulage techniques provided by the Grimm’s Brothers, victim injuries looked real!

Our team of volunteers participated in 12 drills in 2013 and donated more than 2,700 hours from more than 250 people. Our victims were shot, maimed, burned, concussed, lost limbs and consciousness, were caught in fires, shooting rampages and were triaged, life flighted and taken by ambulance to organizations all over the Wasatch Front.

These drills tested the new burn unit, communication and triage efforts, emergency response to school shootings and a shooting in a theater. They saw meth labs explode, fires break out, earthquakes and more. By volunteering for these drills you get a behind=the-scenes look at disaster preparedness, get to work alongside amazing and dedicated professionals, gain experience and develop an appreciation for the deep commitment we feel for emergency preparedness.

Almost anyone can join and participate in drills.

We are always looking for sponsors of these volunteer activities so we can help more people learn life saving techniques. Call us for more information.