• Course description
    The Epic program takes students through EMT, AEMT, and various certification courses to provide a well-rounded EMS education. The program is all-inclusive in that students don’t have to pay extra for any books or required supplies or testing (other than BEMS/NREMT fees). The EPIC program allows students to take the following courses: EMT, AEMT, ACLS, PALS, WFR (condensed), BLS, PHTLS, AMLS and TECC.
  • Cost
    $3575 (a 20% discount on the list price of over $4400)
  • Supplies included
    -Textbooks for EMT, AEMT, ACLS, PALS, WFR, PHTLS, AMLS
    -Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope set
    -Two EMT Utah shirts
    -NREMT Psychomotor testing for EMT/AEMT.
  • Payment
    Students pay a $200 deposit to begin in the program. An additional $1065 is due by the first day of the EMT program plus payment for any supplies provided to the student. Thereafter, students will be charged $300 a month until their tuition is paid in full. See below for payment agreement.
  • Current Students
    Current EMT and AEMT students with EMT Utah may apply amounts already paid for tuition, deposit and supplies covered by the two courses toward their EPIC program tuition (e.g. if a student has purchased the EMT course $1075, EMT textbook bundle $150, and blood pressure cuff and stethoscope $40, those amounts will reduce the EPIC program cost by $1265). Payments for items not included in the EPIC program (e.g. extra t-shirts, hoodie, etc.) will not be applied toward EPIC tuition.
  • Timeline
    Students have one year to complete all courses from the first day of their EMT class. Students may reschedule courses above with reasonable notice to the school.
  • Dropping
    In the event that student must drop from the program after the start of their EMT or other classes, EMT Utah will refund money according to the following: students will be liable for a $200 cancellation fee and the full list cost of all supplies and courses taken or started. If EMT Utah has received funds above this amount, EMT Utah will refund that to student.