Understanding the way the human body functions is essential for responding to medical and trauma emergencies. The best way to learn how the body works is to attend a cadaver lab. This is why nurses and physicians attend many such trainings during their medical education. Access to this kind of training for EMTs and AEMTs, even Paramedics has not existed…until now.

EMT Utah was the first school in Utah, and the only private EMS program in the state, to contract with the Institute of Human Anatomy (IOHA) to allow students the rare opportunity to examine the human body in its most vulnerable form. The feedback for attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, but the previous cost of $125 prevented many from taking advantage of this optional course.

We have negotiated with the IOHA to make this training a part of the curriculum – a required lab for all classes. Because all students will attend, this allowed the IOHA to bring the lab fee down from $125…..to $45!!!

This is a highlight for students who attend a program at EMT Utah. Lab dates will be announced in your class.