Vital Clinic Ready to goThe Neighborhood Vital Clinics are held the second Wednesday of the month from 2pm-4pm and the fourth Thursday of the month from 4pm-6pm. Anyone from the neighborhood is welcome to come have their blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar levels tested for free. Students and graduates will conduct the tests to gain patient assessment experience. Below is the 2016 Schedule of clinic days and times. You do not EMTvounteerLOGO3need to schedule an appointment, but you must sign in before you are tested.

EMT Utah, an EMT school located at 1135 S. West Temple offers FREE Vital sign clinics the 2nd Wednesday (Noon to 2:00pm) and the 4th Thursday (4pm-6pm) of each month.    FREE!  Fun! Everyone Welcome!

Neighborhood Vital Clinic 2016 Schedule

January                                                                            July                                       
Jan. 13th – Noon – 2pm                                                  July 13th – Noon – 2pm
Jan. 28th – 4pm – 6pm                                                     July 28th – 4pm – 6pm

February                                                                          August                                
Feb. 10th – Noon – 2pm                                                 Aug. 10th – Noon – 2pm
Feb. 25th – 4pm – 6pm                                                    Aug. 25th – 4pm-6pm

March                                                                              September
Mar. 9th – Noon – 2pm                                                  Sept. 14th – Noon – 2pm
Mar. 24th – 4pm – 6pm                                                   Sept. 22nd – 4pm – 6pm

April                                                                                  October
April 13th – Noon – 2pm                                                 Oct. 12th – Noon – 2pm
April 28th – 4pm-6pm                                                      Oct. 27th – 4pm-6pm

May                                                                                  November
May 11th – Noon – 2pm                                                 Nov. 9th – Noon – 2pm
May 26th – 4pm – 6pm                                                   Thanksgiving – No Clinic

June                                                                                  December
June 8th – Noon – 2pm                                                   Dec. 14th Vital Clinic Party
June 23rd – 4pm – 6pm                                                  Dec. 22nd – No Clinic

Students will your take blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar readings and document it on a card you can take home. Thanks for helping our students practice vital signs – and we hope the information is helpful to you too. Use the same card each month. Please sign in at the front desk. Everyone is welcome! Call 801.449.0749 for more information.

If you are a member of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps and want to volunteer to work at this event (either to help the community, gain more practice or complete your program) you can click below to sign up.