Peripheral IV Class Overview

IV Placement Program Overview

This is an all day class. The morning is spent in didactic learning — and the afternoon is when placements begin. You are encouraged to come to class in the morning on a full stomach and hydrated. Bring a lunch and something to drink. You must be hydrated at lunch in order to participate in placement activities.

All students place IV’s and have IV’s placed in their arms. In order to avoid feeling faint or nauseous be sure to eat before you arrive and eat a good lunch with plenty of protein and carbs – a little sugar is helpful to keep your blood sugar up. Feeling weak in the knees, a little sick to your stomach etc. is common and nothing to worry about. BUT, if you get really sick you may not be able to complete the course.

Students who want CNE credit must pay an additional $100 the day of class. You will receive a different completion certificate and credits.

Students who are AEMT’s in good standing may receive 8 hours of recertification credits approved by BEMS. You must notify the office if you want these credits – there is an additional $50 charge for the medical director to sign off on this program.