Instructions for Submitting a Request for an Exception:

Refund Policy:

Once a student registers for a program and pays the deposit, the student may receive a full refund if a student notifies the school that he or she has decided not to attend the program within three business days after making payment – this cooling off period extends to midnight of the third day after payment is made. This notification must be in writing, fax, in person, via email, or over the phone (but not by leaving a voice mail message).

If a student pays the deposit and drops out of the program before the first day of class but after three days of making payment, the student will receive a refund of any money paid minus the deposit. If a student drops out of a program after the program has begun, the student is not entitled to a refund of any money. Any products or supplies purchased by the student that has not been delivered are refundable. Students are not eligible for a refund for supplies and purchases once a program begins and the student takes possession. Supplies and equipment may not be returned.

Refunds are mot made because you are upset, or dissatisfied with the program, or with the school or the website, equipment, supplies, the instructor or aide, or if someone offended you, or something was said or done that you did not like.

All refunds are processed within 45 days (usually within 1-2 weeks) after the institution’s determination that the student is owed a refund.

Students who think they have a valid and approved reason to request a refund after THEIR COURSE HAS BEGUN may submit a request for an exception to the Refund Policy. Submitting a Request for an Exception to the published Refund Policy is subject to the discretion of the management of EMT Utah and is not guaranteed.

A complete request must include the following:
1. Completed online form below
2. A TYPED detailed personal statement (please limit this to 1 page); and
3. Relevant and supporting documentation that pertains to the time period at issue. Incomplete requests will be closed and denied but may be re-opened once the required documentation is submitted.

A Request for an Exception must meet the following Criteria

• All requests for exceptions to the EMT Utah Program Withdrawal and/or Refund Policies must relate to circumstances occurring during the program and only if the student has not completed more than 50% of all program hours. Once the program is past the 50% mark, there are no refunds or exceptions.
• A direct “cause and effect” relationship can be demonstrated between the extenuating circumstances and the student’s ability to successfully complete his/her program.
• Circumstances experienced and their resulting impact were unforeseeable and/or could not have been reasonably prevented during the time period in question.
• Relevant documentation can be furnished from an appropriate authority to support the claim. Documentation must be signed and on official letterhead of the issuing authority and include the contact information for this authority.

The only reasons for consideration for an exception to the cancellation or refund policy include: Incarceration, death or death of an immediate family member, military mobilization that is sudden and unexpected, a serious injury or illness that required hospitalization, a work related transfer by an employer that is more than 35 miles from the EMT Utah campus.

Examples of Relevant and Supporting Documentation:

Medical: A signed letter or form from a licensed physician (not a chiropractor, etc.) stating 1). the dates of the onset of the medical condition and 2) how this condition impairs your ability to continue in a program.

Military Duty:  Deployment orders/ PCS orders / TDY orders; memo from a commanding officer to address issues not covered in the military orders. Generally we require memos from 0-5’s and above.

The following issues cannot be addressed through the Request for Exception process:
• Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) or failure to be recommended due to poor attendance or grades or for any other reason.

• Complaints about class instruction or curriculum, supplies, equipment etc.

Please consult the Program Director, the Course Coordinator or other administrative representatives for assistance regarding any of the above issues.

Required Documentation:
1. This completed, signed and dated Request for Exception Form; and
2. A 1-page typed detailed personal statement regarding the reasons for the request
3. Relevant and supporting documentation that pertains to the program period at issue. Please see Instructions for Submitting a Request for Exception.

Request for Exception Form:

First Name

Last Name

Program EMTAdvanced EMT


Date Program Began

Date Program Ends

Course Coordinator

Date of Request for Exception

Upload Documents Here

By signing my name, I certify that the information presented is true to the best of my knowledge.

Student Signature


You can email, fax or mail your documents to EMT Utah:
EMAIL: – please attach the form to the email
FAX: 801.519.3128
MAIL: EMT Utah, Exception Request, 1135 S. West Temple, SLC UT 84101

The school will respond to all communications pertaining to your request via email so please make sure the email we have on file is current and accessible to you.

What will happen: The school will take under consideration the conditions that support the request and a determination will be made as to the extent of any exception that can be made in regards to the payment of tuition fees. There will be no refund for any items purchased such as a workbook, BP Cuff and Stethoscope, a binder, watch, T-shirt, CPR mouth guard etc. And the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining tuition may be refunded but will be pro-rated according to the portion of the course you have attended or completed prior to the notification date. This pro-ration will be by week so all weeks in which a class was offered prior to the request will be counted in the calculation even if the student did not attend class.

A decision will be made within 15 business days, and we will notify you via email. Please ensure we have a valid email address for you.

Once a determination is made regarding the request for an exception to the withdrawal and/or refund policies, an amount if any will be calculated and a refund of monies will be made to the student, if applicable, within 45 days. All decisions are final.