Chain-of-SurvivalThe Shockingly Simple to ReStart a Heart Campaign is a Community Program that promotes placement and public access of more AEDs, training for lay people on the use of an AED and CPR and a coordinated effort with first responders to work in teams to save more lives.

Every year more than 300,000 Americas die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. In Utah, the survival rate is between 17% and 21% – when South Jordan implemented a similar program they saw their rates increase 25%. Kings County, Washington implemented this program and they now boast the highest survival rate for victims of sudden cardiac arrest at 57%!

As a community we can do more to save lives – this program uses volunteers to provide free CPR classes and mans AED Tables in public areas to help people familiarize themselves with how an AED works. When minutes count, having access to an AED and knowing how to use it and how to perform CPR is crucial. Often the use of an AED in the ONLY way to save a life!

We are always seeking volunteers to man the tables. And, we always need corporate and community sponsors to help us increase the survival rate of victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Join us.