10363571_479939728804928_1082914487314098206_nStand-by First Aid Stations allow volunteers an opportunity to participate in patient care. Volunteers also get the chance to work side-by-side with people who work in fire departments, hospitals, ambulance services, etc.  Standby Stations are a service the community needs and appreciates as well.

The EMT Utah Volunteer Corps has provided Stand-By First Aid stations to the Salt Lake City Marathon, Food Truck Festivals, Discrete Peak Race Series, Heart & Soul Music Stroll, the Utah Rocket Club and more. The volume of requests for our volunteers to man stations is on the rise – and we are excited to get out in the public to let people know what we do, who we are and to engage in activities that support a healthy and productive personal and professional life.

We always need volunteers to work the stations. You must be an EMT in good standing with BEMS, though AEMTs are in even higher demand.

We also need corporate and community sponsors of the stations so we can do even more to save lives. Call 801.512.2645 for details.

For information on the service or to request a Stand By First Aid Station for your event please click on the Standby Station Request link in the side bar menu of this page.

If you are a member of the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps and want to volunteer for upcoming events or to attend one of our socials please click here to go to the SIgn-Up Events page.