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EMT Utah is not a college or university but this does not mean we do not have active student engagement with the school outside the classroom.

Our EMT Utah Volunteer Corps provides engagement for students and graduates in life outside the classroom that helps the community: Disaster Drills, Stand-By Stations. Neighborhood Vital Clinics are all service opportunities that bring the classroom into an applied setting.  Global Fire USA works closely with CHOICE Humanitarian to ensure all their humanitarian efforts to end poverty in seven countries around the world have certified medical personnel on each trip. Sending AEMT graduates on a humanitarian excursion to Kenya, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Bolivia or Peru is a life changing experience; a one-of-a-kind chance to participate in activities that change lives.

We also engage with students by helping with job placement. Our Veterans-to-work program in collaboration with DWS works to find employment for veterans who have so faithfully served our country.

Check our website often for updates on programs, workshops, CME’s and humanitarian adventures. Volunteering to help others is a great way to enhance a resume and to stay current on real life application of skills.

Wellness is important to us, so look forward to a Running Club coming soon – runs and walks that get you outdoors with family and friends will always support our charitable activities.

EMT Utah is committed to your success and is excited to bring new opportunities to empower your personal and professional life. We hope once you graduate that you remain connected to the school and to the many interesting and engaging activities, workshops and community service that makes the school a very special place.