shutterstock_309770411 Folow the guidelinesEMT Utah Volunteer Corps Participation Guidelines

We want to thank the volunteers who join and participate in the many diverse activities of the Corps. It is always our aim to find projects that help the community but that also provide opportunities to personal and professional growth, beyond the growth that comes from being a volunteer in and of itself. Here are some benefits of joining and participating in the Corps:

  1. Studies reveal that people who volunteer are 42% happier than people that don’t. There is something personally rewarding about helping others that seems to help us almost as much.
  2. Volunteering puts you side-by-side with other working professionals in your field. This is the beginning of a great personal and professional network. You’ve heard the saying: “It’s not what you know, but who you know?” This is only partially true. But getting to know others, even co-volunteers may lead to other opportunities to enhance or expand your career.
  3. Volunteering builds character and increases self-esteem. Confidence is attractive; putting some good work under your belt releases the super hero in you. It reinforces discipline. We all know you have to go to work, but you don’t have to volunteer, so every time you follow through you ‘teach’ yourself to be reliable, considerate and disciplined.
  4. Volunteering is a great addition to any resume, particularly if you are a frequent and consistent volunteer. Employers love people with passion.
  5. Volunteering is fun; you get outside, you make a difference.

Every successful and well-run organization has standards and guidelines. To ensure that the Community Organizations we support can rely on our promises the following guidelines are strictly enforced.  

  1. If you sign up, you show up. If you sign up for any event, big or small you are expected to show up. Volunteers who do not show up without notifying us IN ADVANCE and for A GOOD REASON, will be dropped from the Corps for a period of one year. All earned points will be forfeited. We are serious about keeping our word, which means we require you to keep yours.
  2. At some events (Stand-By Stations for sure) you will be required to wear your EMT Utah Volunteer Corps shirt, or school shirt. Because you are wearing this shirt, you represent our good name, so you must at all times act in a professional, respectful and productive manner. For some events, street clothes are fine and sometimes you need to wear grubby clothes that can be discarded for some disaster drills. Be aware of the clothing requirement for each event.
  3. In every organization there is a Chain of Command; by participating you agree to abide by this chain of command and to follow instructions and requests of your superiors at all events, meetings and activities.
  4. You should not expect any compensation for your contributions. On rare occasions organizations kick back something to the Corps and if they do we may offer a small stipend or gas reimbursement.
  5. Make sure you do not volunteer for any activity outside your scope. Keep all certifications current and submit new ones to the office as you obtain them.
  6. Keep a current email address and other contact information on file with the Corps. Update us with any changes in a timely manner.

Points are awarded as follows: 10 per hour for disaster drills, 15 per hour for admin assistance (putting up flyers, making calls, etc., 15 points per hour for participation in activities such as the Vial of Life, Be the Match and Vital Sign Clinics, etc., 20 point per hour for Stand-By First Aid Stations. We will keep tabs on your points. However, you are required to sign in and out at each event.