Women’s Self Defense Course Details

self defense for women UtahWomen’s Self Defense Course Details

All self-defense classes begin with the premise that the best self-defense begins with personal wellness and connection to your personal ‘real estate’ and a commitment to learning and setting your boundaries. Awareness, Confidence and Empowerment are key components to preventing an attack.

Tuition Includes: Class lecture, hands on practice, assignments, and videos.
Additional Required Supplies NOT included in Tuition: (approx. $35.00)
• Mini Maglite type flashlight ($20 from the school or buy your own)
• Mouth Guard ($5.00 from the school or buy your own)
• The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker ($10 from the school or buy your own)

Basic Course Description
This is a general self-defense course; students will learn self-protection techniques, evading techniques, and escape techniques, etc. This course is designed to teach empowerment, so each of the students will have the confidence to protect and to defend themselves. Please be aware that this is a contact class. Physical contact with other students and the instructor will be a common part of this course.

Advanced Course Description
The intermediate course will continue the exploration of self-defense. Students will learn more about the psychology of violence and what motivates assailants to commit violent attacks. The course will examine crime statistics and analyze violent situations from a psychological and physical view. Students will focus their physical training on advanced offensive and defensive techniques and an introductory to improvised weapons. Weapons training will focus on both armed and unarmed defense against an armed assailant.

Course Objectives:
1. To commit to a lifestyle of personal wellness and personal space
2.To establish a defensive preventative attitude and view of one’s lifestyle.3. To increase the student’s awareness of potential threats and how to avoid potentially    dangerous situations.
4. To psychologically prepare the student for the possibility of attack and how to remain calm and focused.
5. To claim your personal “real estate” – setting boundaries, reducing cultural indoctrination to be nice and transform this into being wary, strong, and vocal.
6. To develop a working knowledge in a relatively few basic self-defense techniques from various disciplines.
7. To build self-confidence, to instill the need and desire for physical conditioning, and a willingness to take affirmative action if actually assaulted.
8. To recognize that this is a beginning skill level course, and that in order to develop proficiency, it will take a great deal of time and effort to be able to master the defensive techniques presented in class. Practice, practice, practice.
9. To be conversant with the use of self-defense instruction as a method of enhancing self-esteem and personal growth in assertiveness and self-understanding.

Learning Objectives
• Students will understand basic predatory behavior, including common methods of engaging prey.
• Students will understand the basic steps of an assault or attack, and what requirements must be fulfilled for an assault to occur.
• Students will learn and practice awareness of surroundings, positioning, and vocalization. Students will learn and practice effective physical techniques based on gross body movement to enable escape from dangerous situations.
• Students will learn and practice effective de-escalation techniques, along with drills to effect understanding of when to switch to physical resistance. Students will learn about the legal aspects of self-defense, regarding actions prior to an assault, legal actions during an assault, and effective self-defense after an assault.
• Students will explicitly define their moral and ethical limits on reaction levels regarding physical techniques in lethal force situations. Students will undergo scenario training for understanding of the mental and emotional stresses of an assault, along with full-power and full-speed on use of physical technique.
• Students will create a layered self-defense plan that encompasses all aspects of their life in a non-intrusive, consistent, effective fashion so that it may become a comfortable personal

Admission Requirements:
• Students must self-identify as female
• Must be at least 18 years of age at the time the course begins.
• Must be willing and able to be touched and to touch others
• Must be physically and mentally prepared to discuss violence, attacks and rape and must be capable of engaging in techniques that aim to prevent attack.
• Loose fitting long exercise pants
• No tights or yoga pants
• Athletic socks/shoes
• Loose fitting t-shirt, long or short sleeves
• No jewelry can be worn in class.
• Please do not wear perfume or cologne in class.
There will be a time during the class when you will be required to come to class in regular everyday street clothing with accessories such as scarf, purse, headphones, etc. The reason for this is so the student can experience how to use these accessories as another layer of protection and escape during a predatory attack.

Advanced Course Admission Requirements:
• Students must have taken a Women’s Self Defense Course with EMT Utah or a similar Basic/Beginners Self Defense Course.
• Students must have a Mouth Guard. These are available for purchase from EMT Utah. 

Course Materials: These supplies are required and are not included in your tuition. If you buy them from the school they will be available to you on the first night of class. If you decide to get them yourself, you must bring them all on the first night of class.
• Notebook and pen for note taking
• Mini Maglite type flashlight ($20 from the school or buy your own)
• Mouth Guard ($5.00 from the school or buy your own)
• The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker ($10 from the school or buy your own)

Safety Measures
Safety is a very important; for this reason, candidates for the course should be physically able to bend, squat, kick, roll and have a reasonable range of motion. Handicapped students may be accommodated as possible; speak to a school representative before enrolling if you need any kind of accommodation.

Self-control is a priority. Unruly or overly aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. You are expected to treat fellow classmates and the instructors with respect at all times. To help prevent injury, no jewelry should be worn during class; this includes but is not limited to watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. or any sharp object that could be caught on clothing or skin. Finger and toenails should be trimmed to prevent injury.

If at any time a student injures another student through lack of control or lack of discipline, that student will not be permitted to participate in the class further. Horseplay will not be tolerated at any time during class. At no time whatsoever will students attack or attempt to “kidnap” one another while enrolled in this class. Any violation of this policy will result in the student not being permitted to participate in the class further.

Students are encouraged to practice the skills they have learned in class. Students will be expected to keep and turn in a practice log. The benefits of the course are reinforced with out of classroom practice.