Now-HiringThis page is typically filled with job postings for graduates. But, EMT Utah is hiring a EMT Utah Volunteer Coordinator and Community Outreach Director.

We seek an Energetic A-EMT (with Marketing and Community Relation Experience, if possible)

EMT Utah and the UEMTC has an open position for a part time Volunteer Coordinator and Community Outreach person.

Job Description: Supports the EMT Utah and Utah Emergency Medical Training Councils volunteers and community service programs.
Job Duties:
• Recruits new members from EMS classes in Orem and SLC, organizes and maintains files
• Keeps track of volunteer service hours by person and by event
• Helps advertise and market our community services to outside organizations to increase the number of opportunities
• Submits invoices for stand by stations
• Submits articles and information on events for newsletters
• Visits with other members of the community to promote our services
• Reaches out to employers to supply AEMT volunteers
• Takes pictures for social media, newsletters and blogs
• Schedule volunteers to fill open slots for disaster drills and stand by stations etc. Mange Sign Up Genius account
• Recruits sponsors for our programs and the corps, t-shirts etc.
• Coordinate events
• Respond to phone calls and emails regarding volunteer Corps
• Recruit interns as applicable
• Set up for events – double check attendance
• Inventory, manage, set up, and put away volunteer equipment

Requirements, must also be:
o Computer literate – understand how to use Office products, email, and the internet
o Must be at least an EMT but prefer an AEMT
o Must be personable, warm and funny – with lots of energy and ideas
o Must be organized and on top of many aspects and duties at once
o Must be self-motivated – not need to be told what to do once trained
o Must be imaginative, creative and spontaneous
o Must know how to coordinate events – open houses, community events, etc.
o Must be willing to ‘cold call’ sponsors so must be forthright and fearless
o Must be able to negotiate and work well with others
o Must be engaged and passionate and full of devotion to EMS
o Must have transportation and be willing to go out into the community for meetings, conferences, etc.
o Must be able to work in the daytime hours but be flexible enough to work at nights too.
Compensation: This is a part time position between 20 and 30 hours per week. Winters are slower and spring and summer are busier. Compensation is $12.00 for the first 60 hours of training and then $15.00 an hour. There are no benefits with this position but … the job may grow into a full time position with benefits if the program can support itself.

Please send resume to: or

We will evaluate each resume and call potential candidates for interviews.
The position is available immediately.