With three locations and more than 50 courses a year, EMT Utah is always looking for committed, experienced and dedicated instructors to join our team. The primary responsibility for teaching lies with the Course Coordinator and Instructors. All Instructors and Course Coordinators must be formally designated as such through endorsement by Utah BEMSP and must renew those endorsements every two years. Each new hire must commit several hours to familiarize themselves with the school, our campus locations, policies and procedures, teaching modalities, our proprietary online learning environment, and all aspects of the program prior to teaching in a classroom.

There is more to teaching than just providing information; creativity, professionalism, responsiveness, class participation, and energy are key components in promoting our school as the leader in EMS education. Instructors are encouraged to use a variety of teaching modalities in the classroom and online. Simply reading PowerPoint presentations will not be allowed.

The following are components of nearly every program and class:

  • Enrollment process
  • Review of program objectives, program expectations and syllabus
  • Training on all skills as directed by syllabus
  • Review of all exams with students individually and/or as a class
  • Verification of skills competency on skills pass-off forms
  • Taking attendance
  • Collecting and submiting documents as appropriate after each class
  • Tracking missed time and exams
  • Recommending students to remediation
  • Class management
  • Availability to use varied teaching modalities to increase learning
  • Documenting problems that arise during class including behavioral issues, accidental exposure/injury, medical emergencies, etc.
  • Appropriately manage and monitor supplies, inventory and equipment

Instructor Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and eligible to legally work in the United States
  • Must be proficient in English, both written and oral
  • Must hold a current, non-expired Utah EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic license that is in good standing
  • Must have a current, non-expired EMS Instructor endorsement from Utah BEMSP that is in good standing; Course Coordinator endorsement preferred
  • Must hold a current, non-expired BLS for Healthcare Providers certification; AHA BLS Instructor certification preferred
  • Must be able to meet the physical requirements of the job including but not limited to standing, kneeling, lifting and moving simulated patients, performing CPR and other physical assessments and interventions, etc.
  • Must have adequate experience in a healthcare setting (ambulance, fire department, hospital, clinic, etc.)
  • Must be professional and approachable and able to work collaboratively in the students’ best interests
  • Must be familiar with the general functions of Microsoft Office products (Word and Excel), as well as email, and must be willing and able to learn to use other electronic programs critical to the job (ImageTrend, Canvas, Deputy, etc.)
  • Experience with teaching EMS topics preferred Instructor certification by BEMS
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to integrity and high ethical standards

Course Coordinators:

In addition to the qualifications listed above for Instructors, Course Coordinators:

  • Must have a current, non-expired EMS Course Coordinator endorsement from Utah BEMSP that is in good standing
  • Ensure all equipment required for teaching is available and in working condition for student use
  • Ensure all necessary instructors are present prior to the start of class
  • Act as liaison between students and administration and BEMSP, when needed
  • Be physically available to students for at least 70% of the assigned course
  • Ensure that all paperwork is completed and turned in on time
  • Write and sign recommendation letter and non-recommendation letter to be signed by Medical Director
  • Work with Program Director to make sure online classroom is accessible and properly organized.
  • Make sure exams and quizzes are properly designed and available to students
  • Enforce the dress code for faculty and students
  • Arrange remediation for any student or faculty member who struggles with any aspect of the program
  • Be proficient in using the online classroom – checking on student progress and addressing deficiencies
  • Certify attendance rolls
  • Promote appropriate use of supplies and equipment


Our competitive pay varies depending upon certification level (EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic), years of relevant EMS and teaching experience, other certifications held (ACLS, PALS, BLS Instructor, Critical Care, etc.) and endorsement level (Instructor or Course Coordinator). Instructors and Course Coordinators may be eligible for yearly raises, depending upon number of hours worked, course pass rates, adequate and timely completion of duties throughout the year, etc. This position is not guaranteed to be full-time. EMT Utah offers mainly part-time and PRN employment.

To apply, please complete the application form and submit a resume or email your resume to