The purpose of the Program is to create an advisory and assistant team of former students who can work collaboratively with the EMS faculty to advise and assist in training.  There are qualifications for membership in the Program and obligations associated with being included the IDP.

Some of the duties are compensated at the rate of $8.00 per hour – this includes scheduled time that IDPs assist in the classroom – this is scheduled by the Course Coordinator and the IDP works under the direction and guidance of the instructor cadre. IDP’s enjoy a raise to $10 an hour once they complete an orientation.

Other duties include attendance at Program Coordinator meetings, IDP Meetings and other events.  This is uncompensated volunteer time.  The advantage of this participation is the value it brings to the IDP though education, association and ‘teaching-in-residence training’ and it is a great addition to a resume.

Students who are invited to join the IDP are asked to make a 6-month or longer commitment.  This way we are guaranteed continuity in the way we evaluate and conduct our program.  Members of the first tier of the Instructor Development Program (not to exceed 4) include:

Lead – the Lead schedules IDP meetings, helps coordinate teaching time for IDPs with the Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating the monthly newsletter publication.  Assists with event planning, arranging for guest speakers, locating new externship sites, represents the current study body of EMS students.  The commitment is for six months to one year.

Co-Lead – assists with the duties of the Lead and commits to serving as the president once the 6-month term is complete.  Attends meetings, documents meeting notes and agenda items, assists with events and event planning.  This is a six months to one year commitment.

Other roles, activities and duties may arise over time as the IDP grows, matures, and changes. We seek qualified, committed, eager and professional student participation in the IDP and appreciate the feedback, suggestions and student representation afforded the school from IDP members.

To apply for the IDP program which requires an interview and a skills assessment, please complete the application form and submit a resume.