About Us

EMTlogo.resized.small EMT Utah offers EMT Training Classes and A-EMT programs approved by the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (BEMS). Our programs are taught by experienced instructors, most of whom work in the field as firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s and A-EMT’s. The difference between our school and many others is our engagement in making sure our instructors are as trained and effective at teaching.

20151130_113736EMT Utah  has been teaching programs since 2009. Our high pass rates and high placement rates attest to the quality of our programs, and our student satisfaction rate of 97% does as well. We are a committed cadre of professionals that live and breathe EMS. This is evidenced by our full-time administrative staff, our full-time remediation specialist and our dedicated faculty and staff.

Instructor Development Program

Our Instructor Development Program (IDP) allows graduates with limited instructor experience to learn from the best and become instructors and course coordinators in time. We believe the best way to develop a perfected teaching staff is to ‘grow our own’ – this opportunity is available through an application process. If you are interested speak to your Course Coordinator or contact Mike Green.

EMTvounteerLOGO3EMT Utah Volunteer Corps

Our EMT Utah Volunteer Corps is dedicated to enhancing the skill sets of our students and graduates while also providing service and support to the community. We engage in activities that educate, empower and expand our reach.  No other EMS school in Utah facilitates professional development opportunities like EMT Utah.

Volunteer Corps Programs include:
Disaster Drills

Disaster drills provide essential education and practice for EMS personnel, local services and agencies, as well as the community. Moulage (the art of applying fake injuries) is often used at the drills to make them seem more realistic. Playing the victim allows serious practice!

Global Medic Assist

This is a program that provides ‘medics’ to travel with NGO’s and other non-profit organizations on non-medical expeditions. Our medics take 9-1-1 ‘on the road’ and provide back up and support for most pre-hospital medical emergencies for expedition participants. Our first partnership is with CHOICE Humanitarian, a Utah based 501-c3 non-profit NGO operating in seven countries. We are proud to offer our expertise and support as they work tirelessly to end extreme poverty. 

EMT16_Webcard_GMAssist_v01 (3)

In summation, EMT Utah, as the largest private EMS school in Utah aligns our core values in accordance with the long-standing ideals, traditions and contributions of First Responders and EMS personnel that has been articulated for decades.

For more information about the school, the Corps or for opportunities to engage with us please stop by or give us a call. 801-512-2645