Once a student registers for a program and pays the deposit, the student may receive a full refund if a student notifies the school that he or she has decided not to attend the program within three business days after making payment – this cooling-off period extends to midnight of the third day after payment is made. This notification must be in writing, in person, via email, or over the phone. Students who enroll in an online course are not eligible to receive a refund of their deposit once they have been sent and have redeemed their online access code, even if they request a refund within three days of making payment, as these access codes cannot be disabled or returned.

If a student pays the deposit and drops out of the program before the first day of class but after three days of making payment, the student is only eligible to be refunded for any tuition paid minus the deposit. If a student drops out of a program after the program has begun, the student is not entitled to a refund of any money. If a student does not notify the school that they intend to drop or transfer BEFORE the first day begins, they are not eligible to reapply the tuition – no exceptions. If you are paying over time, dropping out of the program does not absolve you of the obligation to pay your tuition in full.

Any products or supplies purchased that have not been received by the student are refundable. Students are not eligible for a refund for supplies and purchases once a program begins or the student takes possession. Supplies, equipment, and online access codes may not be returned.

All eligible refunds are processed within 30 days after the student requests a refund. If it is determined a refund is owed, the refund will be processed via the same method as the original payment.

Withdrawal or Dismissal: A student has the right to withdraw from the course at any time. The refund policy for withdrawn or dismissed students is the same as the refund policy above. If the student is making payments for a program or has financial assistance of any kind, the student must speak with a financial aid representative prior to withdrawing from a program or as soon as possible after withdrawing. Withdrawing or dropping out of a program does not absolve the student from the legal responsibility for payment of tuition and any fees.

Changes to Program Dates, Hours, Times, and/or Instructors: We understand that students sometimes make complicated arrangements in regard to their work, school, and/or other personal responsibilities in order to attend our courses. For this reason, course dates and times are only rescheduled when absolutely necessary. In such cases, students may choose to apply their program tuition to another subsequent program (within 12 months of the original course date) that better accommodates their personal schedule.

Returned Check: If a student issues a check that is dishonored because of a closed account or insufficient funds, the student is liable to EMT Utah for the face amount of the check plus a service charge in the amount of $20.00 (Utah Code 7-15-1(1) & (2).

There is a Hardship Request process if you believe that unforeseen and extenuating circumstances warrant an exception to the Refund Policy. You must submit a Hardship Request in writing for EMT Utah to consider a refund of any money after a class begins. The school will take into consideration the conditions that support the request and a determination will be made within 15 business days as to the extent of any exception that can be made in regard to the payment of tuition fees. There will be no refund for any items purchased that have already been received by the student such as a textbook, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, t-shirt, online access code, etc. The remaining tuition, if any portion is refunded, will be pro-rated according to the portion of the course you have attended or completed prior to the notification date. This pro-ration will be by week, so all weeks in which a class was offered prior to the request will be counted in the calculation even if the student did not attend class. Decisions regarding refunds are at the discretion of EMT Utah and all decisions are final.

Please visit our Hardship Request page for more information.