EMT Program Overview

Emergency Medical Technician

EMT with DefibulatorProgram Description

This is an approximately 160+-hour EMT Program that prepares graduates to function in the pre-hospital environment. The program provides instruction in basic life support care of sick and injured persons. This includes airway assessment, communications, documentation, general pharmacology, hemorrhage control, ambulance operations, and splinting of adult, pediatric, and infant patients; and special care of patients exposed to heat, cold, radiation, or contagious disease. The program includes a mixture of practical and lecture-based instruction. Students will be required to demonstrate competence in practical skills as well as on written examinations.

This is a fast-paced professional and well organized program taught by professionals in the field of emergency medicine. Successful graduation from this program allows you to test with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians so you can begin a new career in record time.

Program Objectives

Prepare students to work as an EMT in an entry-level position in a variety of healthcare settings.
Prepare students to provide quality patient care in a pre-hospital setting.
Prepare students to sit for the state/NREMT national written and practical EMT examinations.
Prepare students to qualify to enroll in an Advanced EMT program and course of study.

Program Requirements

Must be 18 years of age
Must be proficient in English (written and oral)
Must hold a current BLS CPR certification – card required. If you need a class, we offer one through our sister company, Utah CNA Training Centers. Register here on their website. (Enrolled students enjoy a $10 discount).
Requires evidence of a current TB test (within the past year) – may be provided onsite $15.00
Must obtain and pass a criminal background check (conducted by BEMS).
Once enrolled, you must create an account with BEMS online and pay a $115 fee.
Once enrolled you must create an account with the NREMT and pay the $80 fee.

Tuition Includes:
Approximately 160+ hours of lecture, lab and skills practice
NREMT Psychomotor exam
Clinical ride-along
EMT Utah Class Shirt
Remedial days
Access to discounts on additional courses, workshops and CME’s.
Opportunity to increase patient contact hours by joining and participating in the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps

Additional Fees: As of March 7, 2017 the textbook is not included in tuition. We subsidize some of the cost. If you can buy the textbook and workbook somewhere else for less – PLEASE DO SO! If not, buy the book from us and we will have it for you on the first day of class.

Textbook – students may purchase the textbook from the school for $100 or buy it from other places. A student must purchase or borrow the exact textbook we use (ISBN: 9781284080179). The textbook must have an unused access code.  Bring the textbook to orientation. Students without a textbook or the wrong textbook at orientation will be required to purchase a textbook from the school – $100.

We strongly encourage all students to purchase the textbook / workbook bundle. The NREMT written exam is HARD – and the workbook will help you focus on the important knowledge you will need to know. You can buy the textbook or workbook from the school as a bundle which allows you to save some money. If you buy the workbook elsewhere be sure to get the right book (ISBN: 9781284131062).

Lab Fee – This cost covers a two-hour cadaver lab training at the Institute of Human Anatomy (IOHA). The best way to get a clear visual of the anatomy lessons you learn in class is to attend a cadaver lab. EMT Utah is the only program in the state to offer this opportunity. Cadaver labs open to the public can be hundreds of dollars, and we provide this amazing learning experience to our students for the low price of $45.


  • Students must acquire the exact textbook we use in class and have it by orientation day. No exceptions. Students may purchase the textbook from the school for $100 or students may buy the book somewhere else or borrow a copy from a friend. Again, it must be the exact same book (ISBN: 9781284080179). The textbook must have an unused access code.
  • Students receive an EMT Utah shirt for class, additional shirts: $15 each
  • BP Cuff and stethoscope is REQUIRED, you may have one, borrow one from someone or buy one from EMT Utah for $40.
  • TB tests within one year is required by BEMS. You may have this done in many clinics, or we can provide a test onsite $15.
  • A watch with a second hand is required for taking vitals. You may purchase this anywhere or buy one from the school for $10.
  • Current Basic Life Support CPR is required – if you do not have one or your card has expired you can take a class from us for a discounted cost of $40 (Save 20% or $10).

Optional Programs and Training

  • AEMT Program enhances your employment options
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Discount
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Discount
  • PHTLS (Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support) Discount
  • AMLS (Advanced Medical Life Support) Discount
  • TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) Discount
  • Free membership in the EMT Utah Volunteer Corps
  • Opportunity to participate in a Global Medic Assist Humanitarian Expedition (Conditions Apply) Click here for more information.