EMT Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose EMT Utah over other programs?

EMT Utah is the largest EMT training program in the state of Utah and has been training emergency medical professionals for over 12 years. Being a large program has afforded us the opportunity to teach thousands of EMT students over the past decade and has provided our instructors with unparalleled teaching experience. Despite serving so many students each year, you can still expect the attentiveness and care from each of our instructors and administrative staff that you would receive from a smaller program. We have several full-time administrative staff members who are available to answer your questions and who are dedicated to being advocates for each of our students. All of our instructors and course coordinators are state-endorsed EMS educators and current or retired professionals in the field of emergency medicine with a broad range of backgrounds including fire departments and ambulance services, flight medicine, rural EMS, hospitals and clinics, and much more. Our instructors are available in and out of class-time to answer questions, provide remedial training, and will go out of their way to help you reach your goal of becoming an EMT.

How much does the program cost?

The tuition for the in-person program is $1299. The only additional fees you will be responsible for are the application/licensing fees paid to NREMT ($104) and Utah BEMSP ($110.25). These additional fees are not paid to EMT Utah and are therefore subject to change at any time. You will also need a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, which is available for purchase from EMT Utah for $40, and a textbook, which can be purchased from EMT Utah for $125. These supplies may also be purchased elsewhere, as long as you can get them by the first day of class.

Does EMT Utah accept FAFSA, federal financial aid, or the GI Bill?

EMT Utah is a privately owned company and is not federally funded. This means we are not eligible to accept any Department of Education federal financial aid or the GI Bill. This also means we are not eligible to provide 1098-T tax forms.

Do you offer financial aid, tuition assistance, or payment plans?

EMT Utah does not offer in-house financial aid, tuition assistance, or payment plans. All tuition is required to be paid by the first day of class. However, the Department of Workforce Services offers tuition assistance programs for certain individuals that meet their qualifications and we encourage students to look into that option if they cannot afford the program. Additionally, many employers have tuition reimbursement programs, so it is always a good idea to check with your employer, as well.

How long does it take to complete the program?

This course is 135+ hours, including lecture, skills training, and online learning modules. The day EMT course is delivered over a nine-week period and the evening EMT course is delivered over a ten-week period. See the main EMT course page and click on your desired campus for exact dates and times for each course.

How much time will I need to spend outside of class to complete this course?

This is an accelerated course compared to the semester-long college EMT coursesThe course will cover 3-5 chapters/topics each week. For each chapter, you should expect to read it at least once through, take a quiz on the material, and then each week complete an assignment related to the course material that should take you approximately one hour. Overall, you should expect to spend several hours studying outside of class each week.

In addition to attending class sessions and completing the homework outlined above, the State of Utah also requires that each EMT student complete 100 patient assessments over the span of their course. You should expect to complete half of these within the first half of the course, and the other half during the second half of the course. There will be some time in class to complete these, but the majority of them will need to be completed outside of class. For reference, each assessment takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to complete.

Can I switch to another program if I want to?

You may call the office to switch to a different course start date before your course begins, so long as you select a class that begins within one year of paying your deposit. Once the program begins, you are obligated for the full tuition and may not switch to a different program. See the enrollment agreement and refund policy page for more details.

What if I register and then decide I do not want to take the class?

You have three business days from the day you register from the course (extending to midnight of the third day) to withdraw and be eligible for a full refund of all tuition paid, including the deposit. After three business days, your deposit becomes non-refundable, but you may be eligible to receive a refund of any additional fees if you withdraw prior to the course start date. Tuition refunds after class starts are rare and only made if a student fills out and is approved for a Hardship Request. Please refer to the refund policy page for more information.

If I start the program and don’t like it, can I get a refund?

No. Once the program begins, there are no refunds. Tuition refunds after class starts are rare and only made if a student fills out and is approved for a Hardship Request. Please refer to the refund policy page for more information.

What are the requirements to pass this course?

In order to pass this course and be recommended to take the NREMT cognitive exam to obtain a state and national certification, you must meet the following requirements: miss no more than 8 total hours of class time, complete all online quizzes and tests, obtain an 80% or better overall grade in the online classroom, pass the EMT Utah final with 80% or better, participate in class, demonstrate the ability to work as a competent EMT, and demonstrate the ability to work as a team in a high-stress environment.

Does this course have a dress code?

Yes. We require students to wear their EMT Utah t-shirt to class, along with long pants (EMS-type pants or scrubs preferred) and closed-toed shoes. More information will be given during your course orientation.

Is this course approved by NREMT and Utah BEMS?

Yes! Our program is state-approved and prepares you to take the NREMT cognitive exam to gain national and state certification. The state of Utah requires all new EMTs to become NREMT certified in order to gain state certification.

After taking this course, could I work as an EMT in another state?

Utah utilizes the National Registry of EMTs for their certification exams and therefore all new EMTs in Utah must receive an NREMT certification. Most other states also recognize the NREMT and have set processes for reciprocity for those who have an NREMT certification. Before you start practicing in another state, contact that state’s EMS office to go through the process of reciprocity and get certified in that state.

If I have a criminal record, am I still eligible to take this course?

The state of Utah has some criminal background restrictions on eligibility to certify as an EMT. As part of the certification process, you will be required to undergo a criminal background check and if you are found to have any charges on your record that are contained in Utah Admin. Code R426-5-3200, you will not be eligible for certification and licensure. However, regardless of whether you are eligible to certify, anyone is welcome to take our course just for the information, even if they do not plan on becoming certified.

What is the testing process like for EMT?

There are two tests that EMT students must complete: the cognitive exam and the psychomotor exam. The psychomotor exam will be administered by your Course Coordinator during normal class hours in the final week of your EMT course. Once you complete the course, your Course Coordinator will send a letter of recommendation to the Program Director, who will then send it on to EMT Utah’s Medical Director. Once it has been signed by the Medical Director, the Program Director will submit Course Completion approval for you on your NREMT account and send the letter on to the state EMS office (BEMS). Once BEMS completes their skills verification approval on your NREMT account, you will receive an email from NREMT notifying you that you have received authorization to test, including instructions to schedule your cognitive exam. This process of authorization to test usually takes 2-3 weeks from the last day of the course.