Continuing Medical Education is required to recertify as an EMT, AEMT and Paramedic in Utah. EMT Utah offers a variety of options for obtaining CME hours.

The purpose of CME is to:

  • Refresh the individual’s understanding of clinical and operational roles and responsibilities.
  • Update skills and knowledge in patient assessment and in all treatment procedures within the scope of the provider.
  • Sustain skills in the use and maintenance of all equipment required to render emergency medical care at the level of certification.
  • Provide opportunities for discussion, skill, practice, and critique of skill performance.
  • Reinforce the provider’s skills that are not used on a regular basis.
  • Update the individuals on current best practices.

Check out one of our guides for information on licensing, recertification, CME hours, license expiration, lapsed licenses, etc.
If you are still unsure of what you need to complete in terms of CMEs or Refresher requirements for your specific license, please contact BEMS at 801-273-6666.

To get started earning CMEs, select your certification level: