Tuition: $599

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Combat Lifesaver (CLS) Course provides the means to help familiarize you with TCCC concepts and lifesaving skills to render medical aid to a trauma casualty. The course (with recommended suggestions) provides information through lectures followed by interactive hands-on skills training and formal assessment. The CLS TCCC Course encompasses tactical trauma assessment, bleeding control interventions, airway and respiratory management techniques, rescue drag/carry techniques, prevention and treatment of shock, burns, eye injuries, splints, pain management, critical communication, and medical documentation practices. The TCCC skills have been proven safe and effective and can be performed by someone with no medical training. At the completion of this 40-hour course, you will be qualified at a TCCC basic proficiency level.


This 40-hour course has been planned over a five-day period. The first four days cover 20 modules of didactic materials and associated skills (with optional skills assessment opportunities). Day 5 allows for skills and knowledge assessment. This final day may include a culminating Tactical Trauma Assessment (TTA), a summative formal multiple-choice assessment, and opportunities for remediation/reassessment. After the assessment and a trainer-led debriefing.


The Tactical Combat Casualty Care Combat Lifesavers Course (TCCC-CLS) curriculum is developed by the Joint Trauma System, part of the Defense Health Agency. This course is intended to provide an intermediate step between the TCCC All Service Members Course (ASM) taught to all enlisted personnel and the advanced life support skills taught to Combat Medics and Corpsman. The idea is to ensure that in the absence of a combat medic or corpsman, the CLS will be able to replicate some (though not all) of the techniques for their squad until the patient(s) can be evacuated to definitive care (i.e. an aid station or field hospital) or a medic arrives to take over.


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