Tuition: $125

Save time. Go online! 

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) gives healthcare professionals the knowledge and skills to better recognize and treat critically ill infants and children.  The course uses a scenario-based, team approach to teach pediatric emergency management of pediatric patients approaching or already in respiratory or cardiac arrest.  It covers treatment beyond the first few emergency minutes and goes through stabilizing patients or transport phases of a pediatric emergency, in or out of the hospital. The 16-hour course is taught over the course of two 8-hour days.

You can take the didactic (lecture) portion of the course ONLINE and have one of our qualified instructors pass off the skills portion in person afterward. This saves you time and is more flexible than signing up for a 16-hour in-person course. If you have not taken an in-person PALS class before, EMT Utah recommends taking the full in-person course the first time you certify, and using the online option for subsequent recertification.

To complete the didactic (lecture) portion online go to and add the Heartcode® PALS course to your cart. You will pay AHA (not EMT Utah) $151 for this course. Once you finish this portion, you will print off your completion certificate to bring with you to your skills pass-off session.

Register and pay online here for your skills pass-off session. Bring your certificate with you and we’ll pass you off in person on one of our scheduled days. It’s that easy! Your skills pass-off will take place during the second day of an already-running PALS course.

Do not register for this pass-off session unless you have completed or will complete the AHA online course before attending. 

Recertification Option: PALS Providers with a non-lapsed certification can register for this pass-off session to challenge the PALS exam and upon passing, can perform the skills to recertify. Students who do not satisfactorily pass the exam according to AHA standards will not be eligible to pass off their skills and will need to repeat the full course for certification. For those looking to recertify, EMT Utah recommends completing the online course and attending a skills pass-off session for time efficiency and flexibility.

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