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EMT Training Orem

This is a 120+ hour emergency medical technician (EMT) program that prepares graduates to function in the pre-hospital and hospital environments. The program provides instruction in basic care of sick and injured persons, including course content in medical emergencies and interventions, trauma emergencies and interventions, airway, respiration, and ventilation management, cardiovascular emergencies, and EMS operations. The self-paced, online portion of this program includes 40+ hours of didactic instruction in the form of interactive eLearning modules, lecture videos, quizzes, and more. The live portion of this program includes 15 hours of live Zoom lecture, and a 70-hour, in-person skills boot camp week, with instruction from state-endorsed instructors as well as a psychomotor skills exam. In order to complete the course, students will be required to demonstrate adequate cognitive knowledge and competence in the required practical skills.

For more detailed information about our online program, visit the EMT Online Course Overview.

For answers to the most frequently asked questions, see EMT Online FAQs.

$1999 Tuition Includes:

  • 40+ hours of self-paced, online didactic lectures and learning content.
  • 15 hours of live Zoom lecture
  • 70 hours of in-person skills instruction (skills week).
  • Access to the eBook, online classroom and resources.
  • Access to remedial training, as needed.
  • Lunch and snacks during the skills boot camp.
  • A blood pressure cuff and stethoscope set.
  • Two free EMT Utah t-shirts.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age by the end of the course.
  • Must be proficient in English (written and oral).
  • Must use legal name as it appears on government-issued ID when registering.
  • Ability to pass a state-administered background check (see Utah Admin. Code 426-5-3200 for criteria for exclusion from licensure).
  • Must have current BLS certification by the first day of the skills boot camp (see approved list).
  • Must have access to the internet and a device capable of completing online coursework.

Additional Fees (Not Included in Tuition):

  • BEMS Fee**: $110.25 – Paid to the state licensing organization (Application Fee + Background Check & Fingerprints). These fees must be paid online after your course begins by going to
  • NREMT Fee**: $104 – Paid to the national certification organization each time you attempt the cognitive exam. These fees must be paid online after your course begins by going to
    **These fees are not paid to EMT Utah.

How it works:

EMT courses are made up of two components: didactic learning and hands-on skills.

The online, self-paced didactic portion of the course is completed first. Upon registration, you will receive an online access code which you will redeem in order to begin working on the online coursework. Once you receive your access code, you will have nine (9) months to complete the course and pass all required quizzes and the final exam.

Once you complete the online didactic portion of the course, you will register for and complete the boot camp portion of the course.

The boot camp is a two-week learning experience that consists of two portions:

  1. Live Online Lecture: You must attend 15 hours of live online lectures the week prior to your skills week. This will be held via Zoom in three five-hour evening sessions (with short breaks during the sessions). You must attend all of the live online hours in order to be eligible to attend the skills week and be approved to sit for the EMT certification exam (NREMT cognitive exam).
  2. In-Person Skills Week: You must also attend 70 hours of live, in-person skills instruction at one of our Utah campuses. This is structured as seven ten-hour days where you will learn and perfect all of the EMT-level skills required by Utah BEMSP and NREMT. Skills weeks are held every other month throughout the year, and you must attend a full skills boot camp in order to be approved to sit for the EMT certification exam (NREMT cognitive exam).

During the boot camp, the instructors will also guide you through the application process for Utah BEMSP and NREMT. This includes creating an application for each, paying associated fees, and submitting LiveScan fingerprints for a background check. Don’t worry about these things before the boot camp, as they will be explained thoroughly on the first day.

Upon completion of the skills boot camp and psychomotor exam, you will be eligible to take the NREMT cognitive exam. The state of Utah requires that you pass this exam in order to become certified as an EMT. If you plan on using our program to become certified in a state other than Utah, you will still have to become Utah-certified first and then seek reciprocity with your state.

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