Academic Portion
Students receive access to our online classroom. They complete quizzes, assignments, and exams online. They complete assignments to prepare. Students can contact an instructor during this portion. We can set up times for video conferencing, or phone calls. We will facilitate between an instructor and the student to answer questions. Students will be required to demonstrate a patient assessment during this portion of the course.

Skills Boot Camp
Students may select a boot camp to attend when registering for the online classroom or anytime 30 days prior to the start of the boot camp week. Before attending the boot camp, the student must complete all elements of the academic portion of class. During the boot camp, the school will teach students all the required skills, and pass students off. The boot camp will be held over 6 days – Monday to Saturday with psychomotor testing on Sunday. EMT Utah will provide lunch and snacks on site.

$1,750. This amount includes lunch and snacks for 6 days, access to the online classroom, two shirts, a BP cuff and stethoscope, and psychomotor exam testing. Students pay their BEMS and NREMT cognitive testing fees separately.

The online EMT course uses a fully online learning environment. Students in this course must have access to the internet and be able access the online learning environment.

Students must pay a $500 deposit to start the course. This fee is nonrefundable after three days or upon receipt of the online classroom access. The remaining $1,250 may be paid in two additional installments: $500 due 30 days prior to the skills boot camp, and the remaining $750 due by the first skills boot camp day.

Competency for skills week
During student’s online course work, the school will conduct an early analysis of a student’s patient assessment either at EMT Utah’s Salt Lake City campus or remotely by video conference. Students must complete all online work prior to the boot camp week and must be prepared by the start of the skills week to successfully complete skills work. Students who are not prepared may be required to reschedule their skills week at their own expense.

Rescheduling boot camp
Students may reschedule a Boot Camp date more than 30 days prior to the start. Any rescheduling within 30 days before the start requires a $300 rescheduling fee to attend a later boot camp (this includes situations where students attend a boot camp but cannot pass the first day assessment).

Course timeline:

  1. Register for online course
  2. Complete online course requirement within 9 months
  3. Register for boot camp week no later than 30 days prior to the first day of boot camp.
  4. Complete any remaining online course requirements prior to the first day of boot camp.
  5. Complete application with BEMS and background check.
  6. Attend in-person boot camp (complete all hours and successfully pass psychomotor exam).
  7. Schedule NREMT cognitive exam on the NREMT website.