EMT UTAH INSTRUCTORS AND COURSE COORDINATORS: With three locations and several courses a year, EMT Utah is always looking for committed, experienced and dedicated instructors to join our team. The primary responsibility for teaching lies with the Course Coordinator and Instructors. All instructors must be formally designated as such by BEMS. Additionally, beyond the training provided by BEMS for instructors, we require a commitment of several hours in orienting to the school, locations, policies and procedures, our processes, teaching modalities, our proprietary online learning environment and all aspects of the program prior to teaching in a classroom.

DUTIES: There is more to teaching than just providing information; creativity, responsiveness, class participation and energy are key components in promoting OUR school as THE choice in EMS education. Instructors are encouraged to use a variety of teaching modalities in the classroom and online. Reading PowerPoint presentations is prohibited.

The following are components of nearly every program and class:

  • Enrollment process
  • Pre-assessment process prior to admittance
  • Review of program objectives, program expectations and syllabus
  • Consistent teaching to syllabus – training on all skills as directed by syllabus
  • Review of all exams with students on any missed questions
  • Attention to competency and skill check-off forms
  • Attendance
  • Collect rolls and documents and submit as appropriate after each class
  • Track missed time and exams
  • Recommend students to remediation
  • Class management
  • Availability to use varied teaching modalities to increase learning
  • Document problems with appropriate processes and behavioral problems
  • Appropriately manage and monitor supplies, inventory and equipment

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Teaching is an art and a science, and comes easily to some and is harder for others. Being an excellent EMS provider does not make one a great instructor; making a commitment to learning ‘how’ to teach is essential.

Instructors must possess:

  •  Approachable personalities and an eagerness to help students learn
  • A commitment to integrity and high ethical standards
  • The ability to be warm yet firm, creating an environment that encourages discipline and professionalism
  • An ability to manage large groups of people; must be commanding and an example to students.
  • Proficiency in English, both written and oral.
  • Proficiency in basic computing skills and be able and willing to learn our electronic systems and processes. Instructors with poor computer skills will not be successful in this job.
  • A commitment to be reliable, conscientious and the capacity to lead a personal and professional life that allows them to be available to the demands of teaching and the needs of our students.
  • Instructor certification by BEMS
  • A current EMS designation and be in good standing with BEMS
  • High ethical standards, be responsible, energetic, committed and passionate about EMS training.

Course Coordinators:

EMT Utah is always on the lookout for BEMS approved Course Coordinators. The job description is similar to the one for Instructor but other duties include:

Duties include all listed for instructors above and management of support faculty and IDPs and:

  • Make sure the syllabus and outline is correct.
  • Assure completion of course goals and objectives are met.
  • Ensure all equipment required for teaching is available, clean, in adequate amounts for all students.
  • Ensure all necessary instructors are present prior to the start of class.
  • Act as liaison between students and administration and well as BEMS when needed.
  • Be physically available to students at least 70% of the course time. This time will consist of class time and contact day availability. The class time will be when the Coordinator is teaching and the contact days are schedule time that the Coordinator if needed can meet with students.
  • Ensure a good environment for learning and practice.
  • Ensure teaching material is up to date and applicable to the prescribed course.
  • Ensure that all paperwork for state application is completed and all fees are paid.
  • At course completion all recommended students are to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Write recommendation letter and non-recommendation letters to be signed by course Medical Director.
  • Work with Program Director to make sure online classroom is up and properly organized. Make sure exams and quizzes are properly designed and available to students.
  • Enforce the dress code for faculty and students
  • Refer to remediation any student or faculty member who struggles with any aspect of the program
  • Be proficient in using the online classroom – checking on student progress and any issues.
  • Certify attendance rolls
  • Submit End of Class reconciliation information – including supplies requisition list, roll sheets, etc.
  • Promote appropriate use of supplies and equipment
  • Ensure students fill out and return end-of-class surveys.

COMPENSATION: EMT Utah pays faculty on a compensation curve. This is to encourage faculty members to promote the school and encourage enrollment and to compensate faculty for larger classes. There are duties associated with teaching. All faculty begin with a base wage, it increases once the faculty member has taught for some time and demonstrated a capacity for exceptional teaching. The base wage is augmented as enrollment in classes increase. This is to compensate instructors for the additional work associated with large classes. Course Coordinators are paid an additional fee per hour per course and a completion fee once the class ends if all duties are fulfilled timely.